Battlefield 1: Vorläufiges Changelog zum Januar Update veröffentlicht

Battlefield 1: Vorläufiges Changelog zum Januar Update veröffentlicht

Jan 13 hotspot  

DICE hat ein vorläufiges Changelog zum Battlefield 1 Januar Update veröffentlicht. Die Änderungen können bis zum kommenden Montag im Battlefield 1 Community Test Environment auf dem PC, der Playstation 4 und der Xbox One getestet werden.

Mit im ersten Patch für 2018 enthalten sind, wie bereits berichtet, die beiden neuen Maps Zeebrugge und Heligoland Bight, die Verbesserungen der Time-to-Kill Rate und damit die Anpassung diverser SMGs sowie LMGs, welche primär im Short bis Medium Range ein anderes Verhalten haben. Die Gewehre des Medic´s erhalten eine etwas höhere Präzision. Gadgtes, wie die Tripwire Mine und die AT Mine, wurden ebenfalls verändert.

Weiterhin wurden die Elite Kits im Kriegstauben Spielmodus entfernt und die individuelle Anpassung der Teams um Squad Farben auf dem HUD können nun individuell angepasst werden.

Neben diesen Kerninhalten gibt es weitere Verbesserungen, zu denen ihr im nachfolgenden Changelog mehr erfahrt.

Changelog: Battlefield 1 Patch Notes – Januar 2018

Weapons & Gadgets


  • Fixed slower than intended deploy times on the Vetterli-Vitali and Farquhar-Hill.
  • Fixed higher than intended recoil on the Farquhar-Hill.
  • The Carcano’s one shot headshot range has been extended to 110m.
  • The M1903 Experimental and M1917 Trench Carbine are capable of 3HKs within 12m.
  • K Bullet animation refinement for M91 and Carcano.
  • Resolved an issue causing M1917 to use Automatic reload time for both and Manual and Automatic reload, resulting in a slower Manual reload.
  • Vehicle damage performed by K Bullets fired from the Martini-Henry Sniper are now properly tracked for the Overwatch Service Assignment.

In this update, we are slightly tweaking the damage models for several Medic rifles. This is mainly through setting up a damage curve so we have better control over their Bullets To Kill (BTK) steps.

  • Farquhar-Hill Damage Drop-Off Start 34 -> 46.33
  • Farquhar-Hill Damage Drop-Off End 52 ->59
  • M1907 SL Damage Drop-Off End 55.6 -> 60
  • Autoloading 8 .25 Drop-Off Start 19.5 -> 16
  • Autoloading 8 .25 Drop-Off End 40 -> 45
  • RSC 1917 Vertical Recoil 1.8 -> 1.5
  • RSC 1917 Horizontal Recoil 2.2 -> 1.8
  • RSC 1917 Rate Of Fire 163 -> 179.9
  • The SMG 08/18 Optical’s First Shot Spread Multiplier has been reduced
  • In this update, we are continuing to tune automatic weapons.
  • LMGs now have slower zoom-in speeds to further differentiate them from SMGs.
  • LMGs and SMGs now have slightly increased vertical recoil.
  • The vertical recoil bonus on the Storm package for SMGs and LMGs has been reduced slightly.

SMG and LMG BTK changes

We are watching these changes closely, and will likely make more, however we’d like to collect more data on the current values first, so no changes in this update.


In this update we are tweaking the modifiers of the LMG bipod. The bipod for LMGs will now remove spread increase while firing entirely when mounted, however the reduction in horizontal recoil is smaller than before. Overall this change makes heavy MGs with high first shot spread multipliers benefit slightly more from the bipod, while high fire rate LMGs with high horizontal recoil will receive less benefit.


  • Improved the mid range performance of the shorter ranged SLRs by extending damage dropoff slightly.
  • Fedorov Avtomat: +5m to 4 hit kill and 5 hit kill ranges
  • Autoloading 8 .25: +5m to 3 hit kill and 4 hit kill ranges
  • M1907: +7m to 3 hit kill and 4 hit kill ranges
  • Cei Rigotti: +10m to 3 hit kill range

Lever Action

  • Increased the 2 hit kill range of the Russian 1895 trench from 47m to 70m.
  • Increased one hit kill headshot range from 41 to 64m.
  • For the cavalry version of the 1895, two hit kill range is increased to 90m, and one hit kill headshot range to 84m.
  • Maschinenpistole M1912/P.16
  • Fixed an incorrect first shot spread multiplier.
  • Fixed an incorrect first shot recoil multiplier.
  • Fixed incorrect recoil decrease.
  • Arisaka
  • Fixed lower than intended recoil decrease.
  • M1917 Trench Carbine
  • Fixed moving, crouched hipfire which was less accurate than intended.
  • Removed first shot spread increase modifier since this weapon is not automatic.
  • Fixed incorrect recoil decrease.
  • Martini-Henry Grenade Launcher Tweaks:
  • Inner blast radius reduced from 2m to 1m.
  • Fixed a bug where the Martini-Henry Grenade Launcher did not use its arm time resulting in higher than intended damage.
  • Martini-Henry Grenade Launcher ammo count reduced from 21 to 11. *

AT Mine:

  • Damage increased by 50%
  • Blast radius adjusted to 2m
  • Infantry placed mines (both AT and Tripwires) have been adjusted so that players can no longer stack them close together. There is now a minimum radius between each mine that must be cleared for it to be placed. To compensate for this, the power of each individual mine has been increased.

Tripwire Mine:

  • HE now deals twice as much damage to sprinting players.
  • GAS now has a small 15 damage explosion when it is tripped. This allows it to deal some damage to players who walk through it with the gas mask already equipped. This explosion also doubles its damage against sprinting players.
  • Infantry placed mines (both AT and Tripwires) have been adjusted so that players can no longer stack them close together. There is now a minimum radius between each mine that must be cleared for it to be placed. To compensate for this, the power of each individual mine has been increased.
  • Added custom color blind colors settings in the video options.
  • World icons size and opacity customization in the gameplay options.
  • Hit indicator now can be customized with different color for critical hit kills.
  • Detailed minimap/full map customization in the gameplay options added
  • The player outlines now comply with the colorblind settings.
  • Removed all Elite kits from War Pigeons mode.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow Defenders to spawn Airplanes for the third sector of Cape Helles in Operation Gallipoli
  • The Ottomans now use the Gotha Bomber on Cape Helles
  • Decreased the amount of tanks to one each, following the feedback from the community received on CTE, on Frontlines Sinai Desert.
  • Reduced the requirements of the Ribbon of Justice from 5 kills in a round to 2
  • Fixed issue with medic primary weapons not being available in Armored Kill
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Bristol Attack Plane and Ilya Muromets Heavy Bomber to utilize weapons from multiple packages.
  • Greatly improved the reliability of AA guns when firing against bombers from certain angles.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to use some Pistol Carbines while swimming.
  • Added mid-round Team Balancer. Currently not activated on Operations and Rush.
  • Increased the mine removal radius for the A7V Heavy Tank.
  • The AT Rocket Gun and similar weapons can now be fired from the passenger seat of vehicles.
  • BF1 no longer exposes interlaced video modes in the PC video options. If you have previously experienced blurry output on PC due to the game running in a full screen interlaced mode, please re-select a mode in video options to update your profile settings to use a progressive display mode.
  • Fixed a bug where certain VFX would trigger when colliding with invisible geometry
  • Fixed issue with VOIP volume option not behaving as it should.
  • Fixed bug where spectators would be kicked from the game if the last player left.
  • Fixed some bugs related to players being disconnected while connecting to a game server

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